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Christina is a true professional when it comes to all things cleaning. I always can rely on her expertise and meticulous service to deliver the absolute best...every single time. If you want a stress free company that delivers excellence, Empire Cleaning Pros. is the company for you!
- Tony A.-Ashmen Installations-Millville, NJ*1664314178349*1662464583251*7BB3EB17-ECD0-4A22-9700-C96EF53A4300*jpeg?alt=media&token=ae5ee6f9-ec1e-4a8c-8370-f6e4ff9c0169*1664314179793*1662464583253*2855F20F-E799-4B2F-9175-6AB99CE96804*jpeg?alt=media&token=8b62ea8d-9e7e-42bb-b66f-b03e07e83c2d
We use NO ONE but Empire Cleaning Pros., LLC! They handle all our post construction sites with ease. Our last project was 12,000 square feet of the CHOP building in Philadelphia, PA., and every inch was amazing. They do not skip a beat. Christina, the owner, is amazing at what she does, and is always hands on at every site. We love working with Empire! 
-Derek R.-Commercial Construction Inc.
-Flourtown, PA.
I called Empire Cleaning Pros, LLC for a last minute cleaning on a flip home I was doing in Williamstown, NJ. I wasn’t sure if they would be able to clean with the amount of work still being done in the home, but I wanted to get it on the market quickly. Not only did Christina fit me in quickly, she came back 2 times to ensure everything was perfect for show. I cannot thank her enough, and recommend her to any real estate agent, investor, contractor, home or business owner! The job was perfect! 
-James Flood-Anastasi and Flood Investments
General Contractors:  Empire Cleaning Pros is the perfect partner to clean your building after a remodel, renovation, or new construction. Our experienced staff will make sure that your facility is clean without any problems or delays. Plus, we make sure that our employees are drug screened and background checked before they're allowed to work in your facility. We specialize in glasswork so there is no need to hire additional contractors, don't trust your project to just anyone! Call Empire Cleaning Pros today to get your project started! We are ready to help you clean up your facility. Learn More or Get Your Quote!*1664314181236*1662224460239*E8D4DAA0-D300-4DFA-A05D-5B2A0CBE6C8A*jpeg?alt=media&token=9cf4b09b-85fb-4727-86a9-7ae07496dc77*1664314182760*1662224460241*8D72C15F-1C10-4884-BD1E-0C9AD5A4DEA2*jpeg?alt=media&token=745591eb-90a3-4854-86db-905408785d7c
Property Managers: Do you want to make sure your property is in tip-top shape? Then look no further than Empire Cleaning Pros! We are a one-stop shop that specializes in move out cleaning as well as common area cleaning and post renovation. Whether you're looking to have your property cleaned before renting,  general upkeep of common areas, or for glasswork, we've got you covered. Plus, we conduct drug screenings and background checks on all of our employees to ensure that your property is in the best possible hands. Call Empire Cleaning Pros today to get your project started! We are ready to help you clean up your facility. Learn More or Get Your Quote!
Facility Managers: Are you looking for a clean facility without the hassle? Look no further than Empire Cleaning Pros. With our team of professionally-trained cleaners it has never been so easy for you to have a disinfected, spotless, and clean facility.  We are ready to help you maintain a clean, healthy workplace. Call Empire Cleaning Pros today to get your project started! We are ready to help you clean up your facilityLearn More or Get Your Quote!*1664314184361*1662224460241*472DDAC4-AFD7-47A7-8312-3A06F6C42F00*jpeg?alt=media&token=48360de6-5dce-4f92-bab5-10fee70291e6

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