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I'm Christina DeStefano the owner of Empire Cleaning Pros. 
I am a dedicated and ambitious entrepreneur, an efficient problem solver, and a team player. Because I strive to be organized I am focused on detail and job satisfaction, you could say that cleaning is in my bones. 

I enjoy spending time researching, learning, understanding, and trying new methods to better improve my companies performance. 

I also continually strive to keep improving my customer's and employees' lives by creating a harmonious and productive work environment .  My main goal is to add value for anyone I come into contact with and to continually give customers a reason to want to do business with me.  Because of this mindset our clientele base of investors, real estate agents, contractors, home, and business owners throughout NJ and PA has continued to grow since we opened our doors in 2013.

Please feel free to reach out to me via email, text, phone, or message me below

- Christina DeStefano Owner

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